Grow Your Logistics Business Globally With Our InBuilt Multi-Language Software

Grow Your Logistics Business Globally With Our InBuilt Multi-Language Software

Logistics business in whole is the process of moving goods from origin to final destination. In this domain when we say destination, it can be from the state to state or country to country.

On the other hand, the demand for international logistics in this fast paced world keeps increasing and as a freight forwarder, who is an integral part of the shipping industry might be in the position to extend your logistics business at various locations or give your destination agent access to the required data for a smooth forwarding process.

Thus, It brings us great pleasure to introduce you to our cloud ERP software, EzeeShipping Cloud ERP - Your one stop destination for all your IT logistics needs.

Due to the growing demand, many firms are launching their presence on the global market. So, when establishing your business abroad, you might be in the situation where the locals might not be well versed with your language or you might require a local person to deal with things in the language which is required in the said region.

In this case, you need to buy a software where the locals could understand or try finding a person who is good in the language you prefer. Even if both the cases work, you will be in the position to handle multiple softwares for your business which is not only uncomfortable but also increases your spending capital on the IT front.

During this case, having a software that supports multiple languages and can be accessed anywhere at any time will be a huge plus.

And we at EzeeShipping offer you that.

With our software, you can establish a local team on the locations you prefer and coordinate easily. Or, you can also give access to your third party logistics agent and help them see the goods status.

For an instance, imagine you have a global presence and team in many countries. Your team in Japan might want to have the software run in their language to keep the business process easy thus, with our software your employees can log in and change to any language they prefer.

With the given access, one can login to our platform and manage the process without hassle.

Changing the language in our platform is that easy, check out the infographic below to know how you can change the language.